Beauty and recuperation in Scena

Our Beauty offers at the Erzherzog Johann

Discover our varied range of choice for your perfect beauty holiday at the Wellness Hotel Erzherzog Johann in Scena. Enjoy our soothing massages from head to toe. May it be a Garshan or a classic full body massage? Relax and unwind your soul with our beauty baths or body treatments in the floating lounger.

Opening hours of the Wellness and Beauty area:

Monday to Saturday: 09:00 - 12:00 and 15:00 - 18:30
Thursday morning and Sunday: closed

Hotel, beauty treatments, Scena near Merano

Partial massage with aromatic oil

A back massage to counter stress and strains by stimulating the body’s natural energy flows. Or a leg massage for releasing tensions.

ca. 20 min. € 39,00

Classic full-body massage with aromatic oil

Enjoy 6 full-body massage and pay only for 5!

This massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment, which loosens the muscles, stimulates the blood and lymph flows and releases tensions.

ca. 45 min. € 59,00

Acupressure Massage for the feet

A specific point in our feet corresponds to a different organ in our body. By using these massages our organs are stimulated and our body is harmonised.

ca. 45 min. € 59,00

Meridian pressure facial massage

This massage technique will activate your meridians, releasing blockages in the skin tissue and enhancing your skin tone.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Anti-Cellulite treatment

This anti-cellulite massage can stimulate detoxification. Specific movements and aromatic oils will help your skin to become softer and tonic.

ca. 20 min. € 43,00

Garshan Massage

This soft and at the same time stimulating massage is executed with rough silk gloves, which stimulates, also advised for purification treatment. The positive effects of this massage have been no secret in India, where it has been known for the last few centuries.

ca. 20 min. € 41,00

Mukabhyanga Massage

Relaxing Ayurvedic massage of the head, face, neck and cleavage. Clears the mind, removes blocks to energy and bestows new harmony and interior strength.

ca. 50 min. € 65,00 

Energetic spinal realignment

Spinal realignment is a gentle yet energetic treatment method. Given that the glands, organ systems and spinal column are all interconnected, it also promotes the flow of body fluids and releases energy blockages.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Shoulder massage and cupping therapy

A shoulder massage to improve stress and tension, stimulating the natural flow of energy in your body. The cupping therapy has the same effect of a deep tissue massage and will help relax your muscles.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Facial treatments & wellbeing therapies
Hotel, cosmetic treatments, Scena

Energetic scar interruption therapy

Scars from accidents and operations separate the lymphatic nodes and veins running across this area as well as acupuncture meridians. This can create a field of disturbance which is gently solved using this therapy.

ca. 10 min. € 20,00

Special cleansing therapy for the shoulders

The cleansing peeling removes old skin cells and improves tissue circulation. The pores are gently opened and impurities are removed. The final compress soothes and relaxes the skin.

ca. 60 min. € 70,00

Treatment for young skin

Specially for flawed skin. Deep cleansing followed by a soothing linseed poultice, which moisturises the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

ca. 45 min. € 59,00

Alpin Derm Repair Classic

In this classical treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a relaxing facial massage. The alpine firming mask repairing works, provides intensive moisture and stimulates the intrinsic activity of the skin. The skin regains elasticity, more natural tone and shines with youthful freshness.

ca. 60 min. € 75,00

Alpin Derm Sensitive Luxury - Source of Beauty

Alpines for the intensive care highlight humidification, streamlining and consolidation of sensitive skin. By means of an effective enzyme exfoliation to remove dead skin cells in a gentle way. On the cleaning followed by a revitalizing facial massage that works to deeply relax and rejuvenate. The specific ingredients of royal jelly intensive ampoule with subsequent Alpine modeling infiltrated deep into the skin. The skin glows as beautiful as ever in purity and vitality. Enjoy the radiance of the beauty of your skin.

ca. 90 min. € 103,00

Basic Treatments

Eyebrow correction € 10,00
Eyelash tinting € 14,00
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting € 24,00
Face depilation from € 14,00

Wellness hotel, Scena, beauty offers

Mountain hay bath

South Tyrolean hay is well known for its positive effects on muscles and joints. It can appease rheumatic pains and stimulate metabolism. Dive into our hay, gathered from the Passirian Mountain and let it envelop you, making you forget all the day’s anxieties.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Apple bath

Apples in South Tyrol are rich in vitamins and minerals: by sinking deep into the bath your skin gets covered by a fresh apple emulsion.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Vital body pack: Aroma Derm „Sea & Orange“  

Very encouraging and cheerful during gray days, it does well and is refreshing. Very popular because of the fragrance and the lasting pleasant moisturizing of the skin. Due to the highly effective salt from the Dead Sea, it has a detoxifying, cleansing and activating effect.

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

The aromatic ‘Alpine mountain pine’ alpine spa package

Mountain pine oil is a tried and tested healing method for the respiratory airways when contracting a cold. The whole body compress can also help rheumatisms, gout, and issues with circulation. The therapy provides you with strength, stamina, courage, and grounds you!

ca. 30 min. € 45,00

Cosmetic treatments
Cosmetic treatments,feel-good hotel, Erzherzog Johann, Scena


Gentle circular movements cleanse the body’s pores while carefully treating the skin. Dead skin cells are removed, beautifying the skin.

Body peeling:
Peeling with sea salt ca. 30 min. € 47,00
Apple-marble-peeling ca. 30 min. € 47,00

Manicure and pedicure

Manicure without varnish € 31,00
Manicure with varnish € 35,00
French manicure € 40,00
Pedicure without varnish € 43,00
Pedicure with varnish € 49,00


Half leg € 25,00
Entire leg € 45,00
Bikini zone € 25,00
Underarms € 15,00

Feel-good packages
Well-being packages, 4-star hotel, South Tyrol

Apple package

An apple-marble exfoliation followed by care creme
An apple bath on the floating couch
A classic full-body massage with apple oil

ca. 110 min. € 115,00

Feel-good package for Her

A basic facial treatment - Alpin Derm Classic
A body exfoliation of your choice
A classic full-body massage

ca. 120 min. € 135,00

Feel-good package for Him

A face exfoliation followed by care creme
A classic full-body massage
A pedicure or a manicure

ca. 120 min. € 135,00

Our small well-being packages

Alpine Spa package and small Garshan massage ca. 45 min. € 64,00
Pedicure and a small acupressure massage ca. 60 min. € 72,00
Apple bath and a small back massage ca. 45 min. € 64,00

Our beauty care lines
Vita Form - Apple cosmetics from South Tyrol

The South Tyrolean Apple Cosmetics line uses the proven, traditional qualities of apples in combination with pure ingredients to offer optimum skin care and beauty. The wealth of highly effective elements in apples means that these care products not only ensure supple, elastic skin, but also prevent natural moisture loss and thus lastingly tone away wrinkles.

Aroma Derm

Aroma Derm means holistic care combined with authentic natural cosmetics. It is our promise to keep your skin healthy. Bio certified raw materials care, nourish and moisturise your skin. You can rely on our Aromatherapy and Dermatology expertise.

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