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Wine & taste suggestions for your gourmet holiday in Schenna - South Tyrol

Alois Lageder

Alois Lageder wines are known far beyond the confines of South Tyrol. Magreid, the location of the Alois Lageder winery, is located about an hour’s drive from the Hotel Erzherzog Johann. The business philosophy of Alois Lageder combines traditional values with a view to the future, as well as the theory and practice of a vision. The winery and vineyards reflect this, with the love of nature and far-sightedness brought to life in authentic wines that are the result of a holistic approach to sustainable trade based on a respect for nature, appreciation of the locality and responsibility towards future generations. Tòr Löwengang has been owned by the family since 1934, combining the highest environmental and technological standards with a respect for the surrounding nature.

The historic Casòn Hirschprunn, dating from the 13th century has been carefully rebuilt and updated since its acquisition by Alois Lageder in 1991. Work in the vineyards is governed by the rhythms and cycles of nature, with organic wines produced in an environmentally-friendly way for many years now with the entire cultivation process converted to biodynamic methods since 2004. The long-term goal is to enhance the biological balance and vitality of the vines and further improve the quality of the grapes.

The Vineria Paradeis is the Alois Lageder wine shop, located directly on the old village square. Contemporary architecture is enclosed in historic walls, offering a place to linger and enjoy either a quick espresso or an extensive tasting session. Here you will learn about the world and wines of Alois Lageder, enjoy good food or take a seat by the fireplace with a book from the bookshelf, simply letting time pass by with a glass of good wine. During the warmer months the scents of lemon and orange, jasmine and pomegranate pervade the idyllic cobbled courtyard.

Alois Lageder wines of course feature on the wine list of the Hotel Erzherzog Johann. Here are the two Alois Lageder wines that we serve:

Chardonnay Coreth

beautiful fruit, typical tropical notes of banana, mango, pineapple; full-bodied, very soft, elegant and minerally on the palate, dry

Cabernet Riserva

complex nose, fruity, blackcurrant, slightly sweet pepper, spicy, vanilla, caramel, full bodied, dry

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