•  Lake Kalteren - Lakeside loop trail

Lake Kalteren - Lakeside loop trail

Tour length:
8 km

86 m

86 m

Walking time:
1 h 30 min

Nature of trail:
Easy hiking trail

Departure point:
From the Hotel Erzherzog Johann first take the MeBo expressway towards Bolzano. Take the Eppan exit and head towards lake Kaltern. This hike starts at the car park at the lido.

From there, go direction north until you reach Gasthaus Geier inn. Behind the inn, follow the small hiking trail. Take the road to the left and continue until you reach the vineyards. Turn right, continue and pass the lake hotel on the left until you reach Klughammer Straße. At the Southern end of the road, a hiking trail leads to the Southern end of the lake. Cross the road and you will find the nature adventure trail. At the end of it, turn into Kuchlweg trail and continue until you almost reach the wine road. Take the farm trail and at the right bend, cross the wine road. Follow the country trail and the small path until you reach St. Josef chapel. Then turn right into the narrow road until you get back to your departure point.

The southern bank of Lake Kaltern consists of a wide strip of land thick with reeds, and it is protected by the Natura 2000 project. For this reason the marshlands of Lake Kaltern are a rest and nest-building area for many rare bird species and marsh animals. Over 100 bird species have been recorded in scientific surveys.

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