• Hike over Alpine pastures from Vöran via the Auener Jöchl

Hike over Alpine pastures from Vöran via the Auener Jöchl

Tour length:
18,8 km

950 m

950 m

Walking time:
5 h 40 m

Nature of trail:
Medium difficulty mountain trail

Departure point:
Drive through the centre of Verano to the Gasthof Grüner Baum (next to football pitch). Car parking available.

From the Gasthaus Grüner Baum (1326m) the trail first leads past the Leadner Alm (1512m) then via the Auener Jöchl to the Stoanerne Mandln (2003m). From here descend to the Möltner Kaser (1766m) and then return via the Gasthaus Waldbichl to the Gasthaus Grüner Baum.

The Stoanerne Mandln is a legendary place where over one hundred stone figures stand in rows, with the summit cross of Schoeneck in their midst. The significance and origins of these figures remain a mystery. Theories range from a diversion for shepherds or hikers to the dark past, when this place is said to have served as a place of worship for witches. But whether the first of the Mandln (Stone Men Cairns) really originates from Celtic times is not clear – although you can feel the magical power of this spot with its tremendous views.

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