• Along the Wiesenweg around Schenna

Along the Wiesenweg around Schenna

Tour length:
6,7 km



Walking time:
1 h 40 min

Nature of trail:
Easy hiking trail

Departure point:     
Directly from the Hotel Erzherzog Johann

From just below the Hotel Erzherzog Johann the hike begins with a walk up to Castle Thurn. From there the trail goes via the Ifingerstrasse, then along the Wiesenweg to St. Georgen. Descend to the Kampfelkreuz and take the Goyenweg to the Hotel Walter, then via the Mitterplattweg back to the centre and on to the hotel. Simply follow the signs for the Wiesenweg.

A hike along the Wiesenweg is a good way to get to know Schenna. The path leads past various points around Schenna and is especially recommended in spring, when the orchards are in blossom.

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