• Along the Maiser Waalweg to Saltaus

Along the Maiser Waalweg to Saltaus

Tour length:
6,4 km

177 m

295 m

Walking time:
1 h 40 min

Nature of trail:
Easy hiking trail

Departure point:
Directly from the hotel

Point of departure is below the hotel and along the forest trail towards Castle Thurn. The trail then descends to the Maiser Waalweg (old irrigation channel) and continues to Saltaus. From here you can take the bus to Meran and then Schenna. If you wish to extend your hike, walk along the River Passer to Meran (2 additional hours approx.)

The Maiser Waalweg is one of South Tyrol’s largest and most important irrigation channels. It is 9 km long and runs at an altitude of 470 metres from Saltaus to Meran. It is largely still in its original condition and offers a unique hiking experience at all times of the year.

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