• Tour to the summit of the Ifinger

Tour to the summit of the Ifinger

Tour length:
5,2 km

706 m

23 m

Walking time:
2 h 30 min

Nature of trail:
Difficult mountain trail

Departure point:
From the Hotel Erzherzog take the bus to the Naif bottom station and take the Ifinger cable car (round-trip) to the Pfiffinger Köpfl.

From the Pfiffinger Köpfl (1895m) ascend past the pastures of the Waidmann Alm and St. Oswald’s chapel to the Kuhleiten mountain inn. From there take a narrow path up to the Great Ifinger (2579m). The last section involves a fixed-rope climb (via ferrata).

Schenna’s local peak, the Ifinger, offers magnificent views. As this tour involves a fixed-rope climb (via ferrata), considerable mountain experience and a good head for heights are vital. Vertigo sufferers can enjoy the same view from the adjacent Lesser Ifinger.

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