• Massages for your well-being

Massages for your well-being

Partial massage with aromatic oil ca. 20 min. € 34,00

A back massage to counter stress and strains by stimulating the body’s natural energy flows. Or a leg massage for releasing tensions.

Classic full-body massage with aromatic oil ca. 45 min. € 54,00

Enjoy 6 full-body massage and pay only 5!
This massage is one of the oldest forms of treatment, which loosens the muscles, stimulates the blood and lymph flows and releases tensions.

Acupressure Massage: Feet ca. 45 min. € 54,00

A specific point in our feet corresponds to a different organ in our body. By using these massages our organs are stimulated and our body is harmonised.

Meridian pressure facial massage ca. 30 min. € 40,00

This massage technique will activate your meridians, releasing blockages in the skin tissue and enhancing your skin tone.

Anti-cellulite massage ca. 20 min. € 38,00

This anti-cellulite massage can stimulate detoxification. Specific movements and aromatic oils will help your skin to become softer and tonic.

Garshan Massage – Pure bliss for the senses ca. 20 min. € 36,00

This soft and at the same time stimulating massage is executed with rough silk gloves, which stimulates, also advised for purification treatment. The positive effects of this massage have been no secret in India, where it has been known for the last few centuries.

Mukabhyanga massage ca. 50 min. € 60,00

Relaxing Ayurvedic massage of the head, face, neck and cleavage. Clears the mind, removes blocks to energy and bestows new harmony and interior strength.

Energetic spinal realignment ca. 30 min. € 40,00

Spinal realignment is a gentle yet energetic treatment method. Given that the glands, organ systems and spinal column are all interconnected, it also promotes the flow of body fluids and releases energy blockages.

Vitalpina whole-body massage with apple and juniper extract ca. 45 min. € 54,00

This massage stimulates skin and tissue regeneration and immerses your senses in the sweet fragrance of apple.
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