• Facial treatments

Facial treatments

Treatment for young skin ca. 45 min. € 54,00

Specially for flawed skin. Deep cleansing followed by a soothing linseed poultice, which moisturises the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect.

Alpin Derm Repair Classic - facial treatment ca. 60 min. € 70,00

In this classical treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleaned and treated with a relaxing facial massage. The alpine firming mask repairing works, provides intensive moisture and stimulates the intrinsic activity of the skin. The skin regains elasticity, more natural tone and shines with youthful freshness.

Alpin Derm Sensitive Luxury - Beauty Source ca. 90 min. € 98,00

Alpines for the intensive care highlight humidification, streamlining and consolidation of sensitive skin. By means of an effective enzyme exfoliation to remove dead skin cells in a gentle way. On the cleaning followed by a revitalizing facial massage that works to deeply relax and rejuvenate. The specific ingredients of royal jelly intensive ampoule with subsequent Alpine modeling infiltrated deep into the skin. The skin glows as beautiful as ever in purity and vitality. Enjoy the radiance of the beauty of your skin.

Basic Treatments

Eyebrow correction     € 10,00
Eyelash tinting     € 14,00
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting     € 24,00
Face Depilation ab € 14,00
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