• Relaxing and vital wellness baths

Relaxing and vital wellness baths

Hay bath ca. 30 min. € 40,00

South Tyrolean hay is well known for its positive effects on muscles and joints. It can appease rheumatic pains and stimulate metabolism. Dive into our hay, gathered from the Passier Mountain and let it envelop you, making you forget all the day’s anxieties.

Apple bath ca. 30 min. € 40,00

Apples in South Tyrol are rich in vitamins and minerals: by sinking deep into the bath your skin gets covered by a fresh apple emulsion.

Vital package ca. 30 min. € 40,00

revitalises, detoxifies, cleanses

Vitalpina whole-body massage with apple and juniper extract ca. 45 min. € 54,00

This massage stimulates skin and tissue regeneration and immerses your senses in the sweet fragrance of apple.
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